I consider more than one place my home. My parents’ house in Haarlem, my own house in Rotterdam-West and my studio in The Hague. One day, coming back to Rotterdam, when unpacking my suitcase and bags, I suddenly realized how many of my belongings I carry with me every day. I cannot choose what to bring with me; I want to be sure that if I need something, I will have it with me. I am always carrying my whole ‘home’ with me.  I am a wandering Jew.

I transferred my own personal Diaspora into imagery. The sand forms of my belongings make it possible to make any space my own. To shape every place into my memory, my past, present and future. Books –written by jewish authors– carry my personal artifacts. Literature is of high importance in Jewish culture: as the Jews lived in diaspora for more than 1800 years, books took the place of temples and monuments, governments and great battle sites. Books are places of space.

In this work I explore the possibility of changing my perspective in multiple ways, while at the same time actually filling the space myself. Especially how to actually be in a space, while also allowing myself to move through it continuously.

The work was shown as a performative and interactive installation. I was the archeologist, excavating the memories and stories of my belongings. Looking for meaning in them, looking for their roots.