Tessa Roosenstein 
*1996 Haarlem, The Netherlands
lives and works in Haarlem and Rotterdam

2018 – 2020 Honours Program at Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam
2016 – 2020 Fine Arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam
2015 Media and Culture Studies at the University of Amsterdam

2020 Behind the Visual at Showroom Mama, group exhibition, Rotterdam
2020 Ministerie van Autonome Zaken, Fineland, group exhibition, The Hague 

2019 Diagram of innovation presented at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, group publication Rotterdam 

2019       Cloudnola Line Art wall clocks, Roosenstein x Cloudnola. Sold at, amongst others, Neiman Marcus
2016       Negrowiet T-shirt, Roosenstein x Smib